Courtship display and copulation of Little Ringed Plovers - Guadalhorce-Mouth near Málaga

March 23 2012

Dear reader!

Yesterday we were able at the GuiadalhorceMouth to experience the most wonderful observations! As for example

this male Little Ringed Plover, which is creating with its body one of three or four nest-hollows, which he wants to offer his mate for deposing eggs:

And the female immediately is running very interested to

inspect this tenderly created hollow:

The bridegroom in love is courting his mate in the meantime with gallant bows and the beauty of his tail feathers:

Mrs. Little Ringed Plover seems to like the hollow, because she signalizes, that she is ready for mating:

Mr. Little Ringed Plover bows a last time and

is looking very much in love proudly at its wife. His legs are heavily shivering in excitement:

The act of

copulation is starting:

The male stimulates the female .

with its little feet and movements of its tail feathers:

And oblivious of all around, mating is done:

Afterwards the Little Ringed Plover couple is standing quietly and exhausted. Within the next days the female will decide which of the four nest-hollows, which the male prepared for her, is best and in which she will lay eggs for breeding. Isn't that beautiful? Hopefully everything goes well. We cross our fingers, that this nice couple can raise their chicks.

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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