Azure-winged magpie ( Cyanopica cyana)

Indeed we saw the azure-winged magpie quite frequently already, but never we had been able to make a reasonable sharp photo from them, because either they had been too far away or were hiding too quickly behind the branches of trees or bushes.

Same happened in the National Park of Doñana. Until we came to the visitors parking lot of El Acebuche. Like robins and sparrows also the azure-winged magpies were luring for a tidbit out of the picnic basket:

Merciful the azure-winged magpies came closer to inspect the bit:

Well yes, it seemed to be to their taste!

And a little later the whole azure-winged magpie extended family showed up for dinner:

And one was even seated on the cars door, most likely to make sure, that we really didn´t eat anything ourselves!

10.5.2011 - Doñana:

Birgit Kremer

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