Sardinian Warbler (Sylvia melanocephala)

This Mediterranean warbler is hardly to be seen in open landscape. If you discover it, it already disappears into a bush. But I am very lucky that one couple is living in my biotope and from this couple of Sardinian warblers once in a while I am lucky enough to make a photo!

Here is the lighter colored female which dares only to come very seldom out of the thicket than

the male, which even during winter is coming frequently to the feeding place and - although insect eater - enjoys once in a while the oats soaked in sunflower oil.

And also the birds bathing place Mr. Sardinian warbler

likes to pay a visit to, because

such a terrific bathing place is just a good thing!

In January, when the Aloe is flowering, Mr. Sardinian warbler is losing its last restrain:

Because to reach the sweet nectar he does not only perform flying like a colibri, but

even ignores my presence within three meters distance completely:

Only the next flower and its sweet content are counting!

On March 1 2010 I was able to watch the preparations for the wedding in the "free nature", I mean not in the homey garden:

In the bushes several birds were moving around and then one excited calling female took seat on a branch to be seen:

It was very excited:

Not far away we discovered the male, which ...

... everywhere eagerly ...

... was looking for food, while the tschaktschak calls from the female became more and more vehement and impatient:

Then the female was taking seat right in front of our car and ...

... was begging most excited with its wings and its voice:

You could have thought it is a young bird, which was begging, but no, this was at the beginning of March just too early. We were attending the wedding behaviour of the Sardinian warblers! This includes the begging of the female

... and the male is looking for food for its beloved:

Birgit Kremer

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