Chiffchaff (phylloscopus collybita)

In autumn the chiffchaffs are coming in big numbers to my biotope:

Attentively they check, sitting on branches at the edge of the pond the flying behavior of the insects above the water …

…and stab out with their thin beaks very quickly to catch the prey:

And they love to pay a visit to the bird's swimming pools:

Same as the blackcaps and the Sardinian warblers willow warblers also don´t know any limit when …

… in January the aloes flower in the garden:

To get close to the sweet nectar, they show …

… flying skills similar to humming birds:

Relentless they approach the plant in flying:

This dainty of the aloe flower must be obviously made up for the strain of the flights!

Dezember 2009 - Río Guadaiza:

31.1.2012 - Guadalhorce:

Birgit Kremer

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