Bird Migration at the Strait of Gibraltar

August 20 2014

Dear reader,

What we observers enjoyed as a pleasant cool wind, meant quite some troubles for the birds on migration at the Strait of Gibraltar.

"Oh, why didn't we take the ferry instead of fighting against this heavy headwind up here!"

And, indeed, the White Stork group had to turn and fly to the ricefields in northern direction:

"Well, let me have my turn!" the big Egypotian Vulture meant a little cockily:

Still he sailed peacefully, but soon

he also didn't have another chance but to use his wings:

A little further east, a Booted Eagle and a Short-toed Eagle tried together:

Just terrific when the beautiful Short-toed Eagles appear on the sky!

And to all our joy also an Osprey came flying to our direction:

"Bye, I'll spend the winter season in Africa!" Ghee was this a beautiful chap how he went on his way!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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