Blackbirds - bloody fight for territory
April 16 2013

Dear reader,

Often I watched in spring time fights for territory by Blackbirds in my garden, but

never such a .

long, resolute and unfortunately

also bloody fight like today:

Despite I tried to interrupt and chased both, their hateress was that heavy, that they

. again and again looked for the rival:

Besides themselves in rage they even

fell on the floor, where

the pecks against each other

continued without mercy:

Not only the beaks but also the claws were used again and again:

Who already, at this point, assumed the worst and believes, that this fierce fight for territory would end fatally wounded, is thank God, wrong. Both finally flew off after a while and began foraging..

I read in the internet, that a Blackbird needs a territory of 2.000 qm. So I am not surprised, that there are such scenes in my garden, because this year I see notably many mal Blackbirds. Many more than in years before. And that is definitely the reason for such bad fights.

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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