tree frog
Fights for territory


Stripeless tree frog (hyla meridionalis) - Fights for territory

Just gorgeous! As well the tree frogs also the green frogs are back again and there is lots of action in the biotope!

And after it finally stopped raining, I also can make photos in the evening. With the help of a big lamp by which the frogs are not disturbed at all!

About the theatrical fights

of the male tree frogs

I could laugh myself silly:

But they just don't tolerate any rivals in the near surrounding:

Blown up with air trying to impress the invader:

But he's also got what it takes and stands up against:

"Either you get lost, or I push you under water!"

"Maybe I even also choke you before!"

Any grip is allowed!

Gorblimey! Now the two rivals ended up in the heat of the moment in the territory of a third tree frog:

All three are beside themselves with anger!

But at the same time overstrained with such a situation:

But Caruso, clearly to be recognized by the cross on his back. can manage both intruders!

February 24 2010

Birgit Kremer

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