La Janda
October 31 2009

Dear reader,

Today we made again an excursion to La Janda, the rice growing region at the Atlantic coast. We wanted to look if cranes already had arrived, but they are obviously still at the lagoon of Gallocanta in northern Spain. Here a short report in photos from this beautiful day.

The Strait of Gibraltar. Out of the Morning fog the mountain chain of the African coast appears.

A black redstart with a just caught bug:

In La Janda we were happy, that this fan-tailed warbler ...

... posed so nicely!

Typical for La Janda are also the numerous stonechats ...

... and dragonflies!

Here it is better to be seen!

"Should I just join my fellows the white storks?"

But the white storks - around 1000, whom we met scattered in smaller groups at La Janda - did not take notice at all of Miss Heron:

"Well, today we won´t fly any more to Africa. Why should we? The temperatures are around 32°C, well noticed in the shadow, and food is here more than enough to be found!"

And so our beloved red beaks frittered away their time, happy and well fed on this very hot fall day:

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