Guadalhorce-Mouth near Málaga

January 31 2012

Dear reader!

That's how beautiful

it looks at the moment at the Guadalhorce:

Cormorants and even

a Great Crested Grebe fishing in the river, above which

a Kingfisher is dashing:

Well, whom do we have here? A single Golden Plover couldn't get convinced to look only once into the camera: how beautiful he was singing at departure!

Also a small group of sweet Kentish Plovers stayed there at the river mouth:

"These poor things with their mini beaks!" the Common Snipe is thinking a little disdainful and

let her beak be admired by all sides:

"I don't care if these Waders have long or short beaks! Mine will be blue at mating season and that's what counts!" the comment of the White-headed Duck sounds a little snobbish:

"Well I think that my beak in the Spanish national colors is also very beautiful!" the Common Moorhen thinks in its usual humbleness:

"And I am bewitching everybody with my red eyes!" by that one can only prove the little Black-necked Grebe right!

This idyll is fool's gold, because

amongst the male Shoveller Ducks trouble is brewing:

The reason for that is of course, as usual a female!

And what her husband started, his wife in furious determination is bringing to a close. The would-be cavalier is put to rout and sheer horror is written on its face: :

And finally and on behalf oft he many many Chiffchaffs that populate the Guadalhorce, this ringed specimen. We'll see, if I can find out about the life history of this little feathered friend!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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