Guadalhorce-Mouth near Málaga
July 18 2011

Dear reader!

Yesterday we spent the late afternoon hours at the Guadalhorce, where the Bea-eaters eagerly feed their offspring and

Mrs. Little Ringed Plover stoically stands the heat and

is breeding her four very well camouflaged eggs:

A flock of about 50 Greater Flamingos delighted us with their repeated passing flights along coast:

In the far distance we discovered between many Black-headed Gulls also a Mediterranean Gull:

And here a Little Gull, which

immediately after landing made it clear to a cheeky Stilt, that she won't let anybody chase her away:

Also a banded Slender-billed Gull enjoyed

the peaceful silence at the Island in front of the observation hut:

Child is father to the man! Hardly to believe, that these young Stilts a few weeks ago were tiny little chicks:

Even more Black-headed Gulls joined the group on the island:

"Do we like to become friends?":

Mr. Stilt makes a deep bow, while Mrs. Black-headed Gull bashfully cleans her beautiful plumage:

The island already is in the shadow as a small group of Little Terns landed:

Already for quite a while we have heard the pitiful calls of a Bird, which we couldn't associate until we discovered this Slender-billed Gull with its chick:

"You are not thinking seriously about

sending me without dinner to sleep?" Such a scene I never have seen before an I just was enthralled!

Mum takes off followed by her begging offspring. It is banded with: 8CM.

Black-headed Gulls in the last light of the sun

Just terrific these late afternoon hours at the Guadalhorce with comfortable temperatures!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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