Lagoons of Fuente de Piedra and Campillos
April 28 2011

Dear reader!

The wonderful springtime weather invited to make again a trip to the lagoons of Campillos and Fuente de Piedra, where this proudly singing male Corn Bunting welcomed us while

a Melodius Warbler darted hidden in the dense vegetation at the shore and

the female Stonechat eagerly was looking for food for its offspring:

The Whiskered Terns were flashing through the air catching insects:

Even faster and more unpredictable in their movements were the Black Terns:

The flight of the Greater Flamingos is compared much more easygoing and easier to make photos!

Flamingos and Pied Avocets share the small lagoons at the entrance together with

some Curlew Sandpipers, foraging to get strength for the onward flight:

At Campillos this Black Coot affectionately was feeding its offspring:

"Quickly make a photo, before I am diving!" this perky Little Grebe is thinking:

A Black-necked Grebe in its wedding dress:

If the elegant Great Crested Grebes - surely around 20 being at Campillos - are breeding we couldn't find out:

On Sunday the Bee Eaters were not yet at their breeding places, but yesterday

to our biggest joy, they had arrived:

Now springtime is really there, when

you hear their calls and to observe these

colorful guys catching insects:

How different the coloring on the back

of these two specimen is:

It seems all too good to be true! Also this Red Poppy field!

Well, and not to forget, finally we saw a Little Bustard flying!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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