Guadalhorce-Mouth near Málaga
August 24 2011

Dear reader!

36,5°C the thermometer showed in the car when we arrived yesterday in the late afternoon at the Guadalhorce. That it would become very hot I had realized before, but I have dreamed of Kingfishers and just wanted to see them again. Not even this heat prevented me!

On the way to the observatory i discovered this Black-headed Weaver who glanced at the yellow flower of the tree tobacco (Nicotiana glauca)and ...

now performed how to get the tidbit:


Flower between his feet, the Black-headed Weaver now is posing in a better light. What beautiful eyes he has!

At the big lagoon was this Redshank:

As well the adult and the young Knot, which we had seen two days ago, still were there. Here the adult Knot in comparison to its relative, a Dunlin:

A young Ringed Plover is watching surprised how

Mr. Hoopoe and

Miss Whimbrel skilled overfly the lagoon and

the Little Gull prepares for landing:

At the beginning of dawn this adult Mediterranean Gull and a youngster (2nd winter) which seems to be ashamed for something:

And the Kingfishers? Well, I got what I was hoping for!

"Full concentration, because I discovered a Shrimp and

encouraged dives into the water!"

"Damn, I lost the shrimp!"

"Well than I'll fly back to the raised hide!"

From all raised hides

was looked out

for prey:

"That's it! I'll rather take my chance

somewhere else!"

Who would wonder, that someone wants to enjoy the Guadalhorce-Mouth up to the last light!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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