Salines at Bonanza


Salines at Bonanza
Part 3
September 2010

Dear reader!

By no means have you sight to all basins and lagoons at the salines of Bonanza, but often enough the luck, that the flocks of birds who are there, change the place. What an emotion looking up to the sky and ...

... be able to marvel such perfect formation flight of the white spoonbills:

Neither words nor photos ...

... can mirror the feeling of luck which you ...

... feel at the sight of these flocks of birds:

Far away we also discovered four Caspian terns, here one in flight:

The young mire crows were full of life and excitement as well

... as the adult birds in their winter plumage, because it was necessary ...

... to catch these small delicious fishes, which ...

... was mostly right away successful:

Among these flocks of mire crows we also discovered several slender-billed gulls:

The head is pure white whithout any sign of a 'hood' and the red beak thin and long:

The Farwell from the salines of Bonanza really was difficult for us, but we also wanted to drive to Brazo des Este and to the National Park of Doñana, were many more emotions were expecting us, about which I'll tell soon.

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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