Guadalhorce-Mouth near Málaga
August 10 2011

Dear reader!

From the four Little Ringed Plover chicks form the last report, yesterday we unfortunately only could discover one. Already quite grown, it tirelessly was dashing to and fro, continuously protected by its parents:

Common Ringed Plover don't breed in Spain, so we only can see them during migration times at the Guadlahorce. This one here at the right side in the picture unmistakably brought to the mind of Mr. Little Ringed Plover, that it was tired and hungry after the long journey:

But there could be no talk at all about hospitableness of Mr. Little Ringed Plover. He chased his bigger relative until he finally unnerved left the area:

A group of Little Ringed Plover were resting peacefully far away from this happening:

But the peace and idyll at the Guadalhorce was suddenly disturbed by this "flying lawnmower". Despite any overfly of this nature reserve area is strictly prohibited, this excursionist curved several times above the area and making heavy noise .

created fear and terror among all habitants :

Among all? Not really, because this Kingfisher curiously looked to the lout from below:

Our big anger about the glider was at the moment exceeded by the emotions, about this wonderful Kingfisher sitting in front of the observation hut and pausing there for quite a while before

it dashed away:

A stressed out mother Mire Crow made her two begging chicks understand, that it is about time they are grown up:

It was already dawn as we discovered these two Greenshanks and .

this Wood Sanddpiper. How many Kilometeres this bird on his migration from the far north already has done and how many are still in front of him ! These thoughts about the miracle of migration still is giving again and again creeps:

Wonderful afternoon- and evening hours at the Guadalhorce, which we enjoyed in the company of dear bird friends very much!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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