Guadalhorce-Mouth near Málaga
March 17 2011

Dear reader!

For the first time since long we saw a group of flamingos at the Guadlahorce again, who had to fight against the heavy north-west winds and again and again had to turn round, because it didn't work to fly in northern direction:

The water level is quite high after the heavy rainfalls, that's why hardly any Waders are to be seen, but for the Shoveller Ducks the quantity of water is very welcome, as well

for the White-headed Ducks and

the Teals:

"Well, what is going on over there?" this Greenfinch might ask himself curiously:

And really, a group of Stilts got the shock of their life as Mr. Booted Eagle was landing there:

But quickly the Stilts figured out, that there was no danger to be expected from Mr. Booted Eagle, because he just wanted to protect himself against the wind and to cool off a little bit:

A little later the Osprey arrived from his daily trip and first successfully chased the Booted Eagle away to take course to

the raised hides:

"Beautiful the view from up here!":

But at some time it got too windy for the Osprey and he pleased us very much by passing the observation place from very near:

Hours at the Guadalhorce just fly.

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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