Guadalhorce-mouth near Málaga
June 1 2010

Dear reader!

For this male European serin the temperatures of 32°C in the shadow seem to be no matter of concern. He greeted us happily trilling at the Guadalhorce-mouth. How nice!

And also about a group of altogether 16 little egrets we were most happy!

Mum mallard did not want to stay behind and desperately wanted to show us her sweet chicks;

Mrs. Gadwall didn't dare to come any closer with her 10 daughters and sons. Not a sign of the father. Well, no comment!

Well, and who is that? Also Mrs. White-headed duck has offspring!

And, ahaaa, here Dad is taking care about his family, driving away any other male furiously from his family:

With their slapping tails they make a noise which seemed to me like a threatening gesture:

Happiness in comparism is to be seen at the little ringed plovers:

Look, how carefully Mrs. Stilt is taking seat on her two eggs:

Other stilts already have their cute and widely awake offspring, which ...

... they attentively watch and defend:

A little bittern rushed by. Unfortunately I was only able to make this bad photo:

"Well gratefully she focused better at me!" Mr. Little egret is happy

It was so very nice to see all these many animal children at the Guadalhorce!

Birgit Kremer

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