Lagoon of Fuente de Piedra and Campillos
May 04 2011

Dear reader!

Here is another enthusiastic photo report!

Numerous Dunlins and Curlew Sandpipers

were yesterday populating the lagoons of Fuente de Piedra:

In some cases the Curlew Sandpipiers already were wearing their beautiful copper red wedding dress and

the black breast spot of the Dunlins breeding plumage is also well to be recognized:

Curlew Sandpipers in

different plumage states:

Curiously a Ocellated Lizard is peeping out! "What are they doing there?"

Right! The behaviour of the Stilts is

a little bit strange, but

the explanation for it is simple!

Completely self-forgotten

the honeymooners

Stilt couple

openly in front of our lenses:

Such nice scenes on this early morning!

For hours we tried to catch a photo of this Great Reed Warbler, who .- only interrupted by short breaks - unmistakeable sings its song. He was always sitting hidden behind branches. But he rewarded our patience and suddenly showed up himself. Isn't he sweet with his red inside the beak?

A Marsh Harrier was hunting near by above the lagoon of Campillos, which scared up this beautiful Squacco Heron and

made him land directly in front of the observation hut!

How lucky! These long striped head feathers, the blueish-green beak just beautiful!

"Well, WE are also very beautiful!"

On their short legs the Bea-eaters are performing perfect landings or

flash along the breeding wall:

You surely can imagine our enthusiasm and I really liked to share these experiences with you!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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