Guadalhorce-mouth near Málaga
June 7 2010
The black-winged stilts see red!

Dear reader!

What an exciting and beautiful day I spent yesterday together with some friends at the Guadalhorce-mouth! We had been already early in the morning there, but family mallard had gotten up before we arrived. Most likely they for the first time had to go to ducks school!:

About that a little grebe didn't want to know anything!:

Enthralled we watched the purple heron, who leisurely flew to the top of a tree, to check from there for the best place for him:

"Well, here is really action this morning!" The reed warbler checked everything curiously:

"Oh dear, I shouldn't put my nose in anything and rather be on watch of these feathered guys!" this nosed grasshopper mumbled at the wayside:

"And hopefully I won't cross a bee eaters way today!" Mr. Swallow-tailed nightjar is anxiously:

Trustingly unworried the Eurasian coot chick enjoys the morning. But the chick and its mother were not unwatched: Please look closely!

Here you can see better! A young little bittern is curiously watching how Mum coot is diving for food for its chick:

Mum stilt wants to be under any circumstances the best of all mothers and protects its chicks under her wings:

Only when she was very sure, that no danger would come from anywhere, the chicks

are allowed to run off and enjoy their first days in life together with their caring parents:

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