Slender Billed Gulls at the Salines of Bonanza

February 22 2012

Dear reader!

As I discovered the group of Slender Billed Gulls right beside the road, I was sure

that they would be chased away with the presence of the car. But nothing like that, they weren't impressed at all, so I was able

to admire their elegant beauty calmly:

Amongst the Slender Billed Gulls there was also one Black-headed Gull (on the right side in the picture) and this one

had taken it in its head to expel all the Slender Billed Gulls:

But they just undeterred continued foraging

And these terrific dive sessions gave me the opportunity to read some of the ring numbers:

581 is ready for diving:

This is skill!

And here he turns up again:

"Didn't I give a perfect performance?" 581 seems to be highly pleased with itself and I can only applause. It was so much fun to be able to watch these beautiful birds for such a long time. The ring numbergs I'll report to the EBD.

The next chapter will bring us to the Wadden Sea of Montijo, where, to my big delight, I was able to watch Bar-tailed Godwits and Whimbrels

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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