Fuente de Piedra
December 19 2009

Dear reader!

Last Saturday a Christmas meeting of Spanish bird friends took place at Fuente de Piedra. We were lucky, because the sky even cleared sometimes. But in the big lagoon was hardly a drop of water:

And the small lagoons, directly at the entrance ...

... were 'powder dry':

"Well, nobody around but me?"

"Yes! I AM!"

And quite far away these group of Eurasian golden plover were to be seen:

"To make it clear: EVERYBODY here listens to my command!" a male mallard called in strongest terms:

A marked marsh harrier didn´t let the ducks disturb him by one second while having dinner. Obviously she caught a rabbit:

"Better the rabbit than us!"

By that the excited stilts were at one with each other:

It was raining continuously since Saturday. Sure the constant rain gets on the nerves. , BUT for the nature it is like pure gold what is falling from the sky. Surely also the lagoons of Fuente de Piedra soon will carry water again and be a good resting place for all the water birds on their long migration and for the flamingoes - Saturday even not a single one was to be seen - a good breeding place!

Best regards and Merry Christmas to all of you!

Birgit Kremer

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