Doñana - Black-winged Kite
November 25 2011

Dear reader!

Four terrific and exciting days in the northern part of Doñana are behind us! What a bird paradise! - Even before we checked in the hotel we discovered on a

channel this wonderful Black-winged Kite:

We went there every day to visit it, because obviously

this bald wood was

his favorite place to

take a rest during daytime:

Already in the morning at having breakfast we were full of anticipation to meet our beautiful friend soon! And really: he was always there und let us admire him and make photos. Only once in a while he flew off to come back very soon.

At one of these flights he met his furious neighbor, Mr. Kestrel!

And while Booted Eagle and Buzzard make away when a Kestrel is attacking, our Black-winged Kite was tremendously courageous, because he defended his territory emphatically:

Finally they seemed to have agreed. Mr. Kestrel made his flights during daytime to catch mouses, while Mr. Black-winged Kite committed himself only to go for hunt in the late afternoon:

And Mr. Black-winged Kite came back to its favorite place and

let our hearts jump with joy by

watching this skilled landing:

During the numerous hours we were spending to watch this Black-winged Kite we also were able to hear for the first time its thin and high voice and were just fascinated that this Black-winged Kite presented us with so many sights of its life. Farewell to him was hard and we imagined that he also shed a few ruby-red tears.

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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