La Janda
August 7 2010


La Janda
August 7 2010

Hello dear reader!

On Saturday we went on the way to Tarifa in the hope to see white stork flocks migrating above the Strait of Gibraltar in the direction to Africa. But the closer we came to Gibraltar, the stronger the wind became up to finally wind strength 7. The only ones who nearly flew away were we, when we only for a short moment went out of the car at Tarifa! Not a single bird, not even a sparrow was to be seen far and wide. Sure, with this wind they all were sitting hidden in the bushes or on the ground.

We continued our drive to La Janda. Also there heavy storm, which nearly pulled the camera out of my hand. And this happened while I was sitting in the car and only making photos from the open window. And also the glossy ibis which we soon discovered remained seated! Normally they would have flown up, because they stayed very close to the road. But during this storm the car most likely was the lesser evil! It was so nice to see them again!

Sometimes they tried to fly up and

hardly could fight the storm:

Well and there was the reason why they all wanted to fly away a few meters:

Also about 15 black kites tried hard to fight the storm. But not event these flight artists were successful. Same for the few white storks, which we discovered. They could not fight the storm, which drove them into the other direction. It looked like as if they would fly backwards. Not a good day for the birds at La Janda, particularly because the wind turbines were working on high speeds.

Never before we saw as many cattle egrets as yesterday

at La Janda. Our estimation was not less but 2000, which were sitting at the channels or...

sometimes looking in unsecure deep flights for safer places:

The reason for the presence of so many cattle egrets is a huge breeding colony,situated in the trees left of the wayside. This photo I made through the dirty,dusted with sand,windshield:

We couldn't believe our luck, that we were able to watch these nice scenes out of the car. Because not all young birds fledged

but were waiting impatiently in their small untidy nests for their parents to come back with food:

And really, soon one parent came and the chick immediately was begging for food and

immediately got something. A miracle how this can work between the branches, because the birds at the same time have to spread their wings to keep balance:

This cannot be true, that all this nice food is only for my brother!" the other chick furiously is arguing:

But Daddy cattle egret is already on his way again, looking

for our impression, very proud that he despite the storm was able to bring food for his chicks:

We are sure, that on this very day also some of the chicks fell,due to the wind,out of their nest and just walked around. Like this little chap here:

In comparison to their parents with the yellow eyes, the ones of the chicks are still green:

Apart from that we did not see a single bird on the whole way, but the scenes, which we were able to experience with the glossy ibis and the cattle egrets made this trip to La Janda unforgettable!

Who would like to see all the photo series of the cattle egret colony, can find it here:

That's how it is like at a cattle egret colony!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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