Guadalhorce-mouth near Málaga
August 20 2010

Dear reader!

On Friday we had been at the Guadalhorce-mouth, there was on the day before heavy rainfall. The first since months! We met a lot less waders as during our last visit. But of course I made a few photos!

At great distance we discovered a grey plover:

Curlew sandpipers, only a very few, had been there:

Mr. Sandpiper was very happy about that. Finally he had all the area again for himself and was wading ...

... happily around:

"Hopefully Mr. Common ringed plover is not landing on my head. Might be better when I cower!":

"I would not like to get disturbed during my morning toilette by nothing and nobody!" the white-headed duck enjoyed peacefully her bath:

It was very quiet in the observation hut. That's why the zitting cisticola felt well and ...

... took seat just in front of us on the next branches. These cute little chaps I love them dearly!

It was a wonderful morning!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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