Guadalhorce-mouth near Málaga
June 2010

Dear reader!

Last week I had been several times at the Guadalhorce. Beautiful time we spent there, which I tried to catch in these photos.

"What cheek, that you are on the way to the observation hut!"

The excitement of the stilts is great and one after the other …

… is flying angry attacks against us

"And this thirsty collared dove makes me as upset as these bipeds!":

"She should look where she gets water from. Definitely not from my territory!!!"

"Get lost you, you, you grey thing!" The furiousness of the stilt was not to be overheard:

Reason for the fury of the stilts was of course their offspring, who enjoyed the sunbath and after…

… going to look for food:

"Hooray, soon I can fly like Mum and Dad!":

But from this they are still a little bit far away and are enjoying wading:

But the growing wings are repeatedly trained:

Calmly the little ones enjoy their breakfast, well protected by their watchful parents:

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