Salines of Bonanza, marsh areas of the Guadalquivir and beach of Sanlúcar de Barrameda
January 01 2011

Dear reader!

Just terrific to spent the 1st of January at the Salines…

… of Bonanza:

Already from far away we discovered them! Left side a banded Osprey from Germany, in the middle a Red Kite, on the right an Osprey with prey:

While the Red Kite immediately took flight to take a seat more far away …

… the banded German Osprey (unfortunately the number before the ID is not readable) stayed there and …

… first finished most important business:

"Well, now I am feeling totally reliefed and …

…go on and ...

... turn a round in my terrific winter holiday area!":

"Ghee, he is a tall one!" the Whinchat is surprised:

We crossed the pine forests of Algaida to …

… reach the marsh areas of the Guadalquivir. Unfortunately many Pied Avocets and Redshanks were on flight, because a few walkers didn't have a better idea but to go for Northern Walking with clacking sticks.

A little bit upstream Cormorants and …

… Mire Crows enjoyed the idyllic calm:

We decided to enjoy the last daylight at the beach of Sanlúcar. It was low tide and an unbelievable number of shorebirds looking for food. Also this Bar-Tailed Godwit:

A flock of altogether about 300 Sanderlings fleeing from a dog and …

… to my biggest joy they all were landing in front of me, without …

… taking notice of myself:

I felt like Alice in Wonderland in the middle of all these lively birds!

An unforgettable experience!

And so this wonderful first day of the New Year found its end:

Best regards


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