Birding at the Hotel Ardea Purpurea
May 12 2011

Dear reader!

Approaching the hotel was already promising and we

shouldn't get disappointed, because

the view from the terraces was directly to the lake and

its nice inhabitants. Just gorgeous to spend the hot noon hours comfortably in this wonderful big garden:

The cheeky Azure-winged Magpies came up to some few meters to the terrace:

This garden was really full of surprises! A Hoopoe was caringly feeding its chick while

the Canada Goose enjoys the afternoon in comfort:

Again and again also Wild Ducks were landing on the lake:

And these cute chicks take under the strict supervision of their Mum

bravely their afternoon nap:

Aren't they cute?

A hotel just to feel comfortable and completely attuned to birders. Those were four wonderful days at Doñana!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

All photos ©copyright by Birgit Kremer
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