Fuente de Piedra
June 09 2011

Dear reader!

We spent a wonderful day at Fuente de Piedra, where

the breeding colony of Greater Flamingos is estimated by approximately 15.000 pairs:

But also some Slender-billed Gulls were successfully breeding at Fuente de Piedra!

Mum Common Moorhen and

her chick:

A young Little Grebe

taking enthralled a refreshing bath. Just gorgeous to see young birds everywhere!

Little time for feeding is left for the adult Pied Avocets, because

again and again they have to fly defense attacks, to

keep the nursery of their chicks in safety:

Also the Stilts are on alert and have quarrels with each other:

"Now please have a look! Isn't my daughter

the spitting image of myself?"


Three female Marsh Harriers and one male

enthrall us with their flying skills:

But the main protagonists are at the moment in Fuente de Piedra

of course the huge flocks of Greater Flamingos. How nice to experience all these!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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