Grey Plover at the Salines of Bonanza
September 24 2011

Dear reader!

It was not only the American Golden Plover whom I was able to study for hours, but also its arctic relatives, the Grey Plover presented themselves surprising trustfull and I just enjoyed to watch them in the middle of the flock of Waders the whole afternoon, very well aware that this extraordinary scenery wouldn't be repeated every day.

This Grey Plover- still in full splendour of its summer plumage - hardly cared about its American relative

Hungry from

the long journey from its summer habitat

in the high North

its only thought was

to refill its reserves again:

" "How could I find these long worms all others are getting?"

"I'll try my luck here!"::

But this place wasn't ideal at all and

our hungry Grey Plover is flying a little further:

And really, there it got something, but immediately gets straitened by an as well hungry Mire Crow

Finally! It caught such a big worm and swallows it in no time!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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