American Golden Plover at the Salines of Bonanza
September 24 and 25 2011

Dear reader!

What a terrific short holiday we were able to spend at the Salines of Bonanza! Everybody among the Waders who is anybody seemed to rest there, either to gather energy for the further migration or to spend the winter months there. It was just indescribable beautiful to be able to watch that many Waders. Very soon I'll tell about, but first this story from a very seldom guest, namely the American Golden Plover which we were able to admire extensively there for two days.

"Well what place did I land on? Never mind, the main thing is that I am on a terra firma again!" our far traveled winter guest seems to say before it

adventurously went foraging:

It's presence also didn't slip the attention of it's European colleagues the Gray Plovers:

They located it out of hundreds of Waders and mainly one is seeking to be around the frightened guest from the faraway US:

The Gray Plover started in fury an attack and

pointed out to the frightened American Golden Plover, that there is no place for him in Spain:

The fury of the Gray Plover lets the seldom guest go on the run in shock

Both press their point clearly:

And who thinks, that the Gray Plover had won the battle, is wrong, because

at the end of the day both seemed to have made friendship.

What emotions to see the guests from high up North together with their American relative. These birds know much more about the world then we ourselves!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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