Garbage dump of Los Barrios

January 22 2012

Dear reader!

Surely it is not to everybodys taste to spend the Sunday afternoon at the garbage dump of Los Barrios! I enjoy there the "Hitchcock- feeling" and, among others, for example .

to watch the cheerful ado of the Cattle Egrets:

And we were very lucky, that also hundreds of White Storks and Griffon Vultures stayed there, amongst banded specimen also from Spain and Germany:

In the late afternoon the Griffon Vultures started for their sleeping places and

the great event started, because

many of them

overflew us in deep attitude. A terrific feeling to be so close to these big birds!

Here a special light specimen with wing markings and ring, unfortunately both not to read:

First it looked like the birds would start in southern direction, but

soon we recognized that they were just looking for a thermal bubble, which

should carry them to the northwest, the Alcornocales National Park. Just terrific to see at least 300 Griffon Vultures!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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