La Janda (Provinz Cádiz)

May 01 2012

Dear reader!

The much hopefully expected Honey Buzzards we unfortunately didn't see yesterday at Tarifa, but the day was so wonderful, that we

continued to La Janda, where these nice Corn Bunting was waiting for us and posing patiently:

A Purple Moorhen was discovered by Mr. Mallard and he hurried to check if everything is in order:

How gorgeous to finally be at La Janda again! The bushes on the left side in the picture accommodate a huge

Cattle Egret colony and I think I can say without overstatement, that there are hundreds of nests:

My goodness, aren't they pretty

... in their wonderful wedding plumage?

These wonderful long decorative plume, the gorgeous orange colour together with this alert look I am always swept off by these beautiful creatures!

And it is just unbelievable, how agile they move within all these branches:

In the surrounding fields

not only numerous Cranes were on their way, but also Mallards and


So a gorgeous hunting area for the migrating raptors as these Black Kites or

this beautiful Booted Eagle:

Does this Black Kite, perhaps, want to land on the moon?

For a long time we watched another Raptor, which far away and very majestically and elegant was sailing in the sky. Suddenly he dashed toward us and

in all the excitement these photos were shot, before

it dashed against a prey. I guess it was a young Golden Eagle! What an excitement, because we never have seen it from that close before!

And then also a Short-toed Eagle showed up!

It was just a terrific day at La Janda, which we'll keep in our mind for a long time.

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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