Río Grande and Lagoon of Campillos (Málaga)

September 12 2012

Dear reader!

The Rio Grande is, up to a small rivulets, after the long hot summer months, completely dried out. At the few water points the Little Egrets are living now together quite crowded, what

leads to nervousness and threatening gestures amongst the birds:

The Hoopoes could go foraging much more relaxed:

The groups of trees along the Rio Grande are a popular gathering point for Honey Buzzards on migration. And indeed, suddenly we saw them! There were two groups of about 30 and 20 birds, which screwed up in a thermal bubble:

And then the thermal carried the birds

in lightning speed directly over our heads

direction South, where we lost sight of them already after a few seconds. What emotions!

While the Lagoon of Fuente de Piedra was completely dried out, the Lagoon

of the neighboring Campillos still offers a refuge for many birds:

For example we saw Stilts, Sandpipers, Ruffs, Greenshanks, Snipes and Green Sandpipers. To make pictures was due to the far distance rather impossible, so representative for all these Redshanks and

this group of all together 11 Avocets:

It is really good to know, that after these long months without one drop of rain there still is this oasis! And we all hope, that it will rain extensively in autumn and winter!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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