Tarifa and La Janda (Cádiz)

October 14 2012

Dear reader!

What a fantastic morning we spent yesterday at the Strait of Gibraltar, with view to Tarifa and Africa on one side and

hundreds upon hundreds of Griffon Vultures on the other side:

A real remarkable spectacle, the gathering of so many Griffon Vultures in three big flocks, from which

again and again some individuals broke away and overflew us or

convoyed a Short-toed Eagle. . The huge Short-toed Eagle almost looked small by comparison to the enormous wingspans of the Griffon Vultures!

One of the four Short-toed Eagles we saw came flying directly in our direction:

Gee, what great moments those are!!!

And also these three Black Storks wanted to leave Europe this morning and took a thermal bubble to get driven to Africa:

At La Janda at the moment are hundreds upon hundreds of White Storks. Mainly near Benalup-Casa Viejas, but to make photos, they were too far away.

"I won't think of flying to Africa today! Here is enough food and my comrades and me we will first brace ourselves!"

Also the Grey Herons snapped again and again into the rice-channels:

"Gee, are they all big!" the Stonechat means rather a little shy:

The Black-winged Kites, which usually are still sitting on their raised hides at early noon, were

yesterday all busy hunting and overflew us completely blithely:

And obviously the mouse hunting was successful! We were most enthralled to experience these beautiful birds that active!

And as well we were enthralled by this beautiful Common Buzzard!

La Janda with its lovely landscape, its peace and its inhabitants presented us again a wonderful afternoon!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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