La Janda (Cádiz)

February 25 2013

Dear reader!

Yesterday we spent a wonderful day at La Janda! Lots of sceneries happened in the far distance, so no photos were possible, but we enjoyed all three Harrier species in flight, a flock of White Storks which drafted up in the thermal, while eight White Spoonbills braced themselves for the continuing of their flight to the north and again and again we saw Black Kites and even one adult Egyptian Vulture appearing high above us. Also Lapwings are still at La Janda but surely not for very much longer.

Flocks of Serins populate La Janda and

the song of the small neat males is omnipresent:

Also European Goldfinches are in great flocks on their way and are very shy for photographing. As soon as the car stops, all agree to start flight immediately to resettle in a few meters distance. Only sometimes one of these birds is missing the mass flight:

Immediately I understood the text of the beautiful Linnets song. He chirped clearly:"Well, what a pity, real pity this shade of small branches !"

Compared with European Goldfinches, Linnets and Serins which were foraging in huge flocks, the Stonechats sticked to their tradition to struggle throught life as a pair. This forces them all the time to look upward, because they are on their own:

Willow Warbler or Chiffchaff that is the question!

Well, this at least is a Jackdaw in a sea of flowers!

And here a shy French Partrige:

The Cormorant is drying his plumage in the bushes of the channel, while .

one of the numerous Cattle Egrets is happy about the prey:

Also Grey Herons where there in high numbers and

their elegance always enthralles me again!

At several places we were lucky to see Purple Moorhens! If in the mud or in dense branches, thanks to their big feet they can catch hold everywhere very easy, very astonishing!

It was just wonderful to watch and enjoy for a whole day birds!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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