Crested Coot at a river mouth in Marbella

November 29 2013

Dear reader!

Our very rare winter guest, the Crested Coot, is still staying at the river mouth in Marbella and

is happy about the delicious algae which it is diving for:

"I don't feel like laughing, you stupid thing, when you always show up in front of my nose!" revolts the Mire Crow

But our Crested Coot gets not that easy confused by any Gull:

From its present relatives, the Coots, it is accepted without any problems:

Satisfied and, as it looks like, also pleased our nice guest is swimming to the opposite side of the river to

rest there in the vegetation at the bank:

Lets see, how long it will stay here and gives us the opportunity to watch this rare bird!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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