Clash of the Common Moorhen

December 05 2013

Dear reader!

Same as the last reports also these photos are taken at a river mouth in Marbela, where numerous Common Moorhen are staying. Time and good opportunity to dedicate a report to this beautiful waterfowl about its life and behavior!

The males are looking during breeding season for their females always at the same waters, as a British ornithologist found out in long studies. No rival is tolerated, because a Common Moorhen partnership should last, if possible, forever! And as the following photo sequence is showing, there is a bitter fighting for the preservation of this partnership!

There is trouble brewing, as soon as the wings go up and the white hindquarters are to be seen:

First it is circled around each other with the head flat on the water:

Soon the first kick is following:

Both birds are now …

… besides themselves with rage:

Is the clash now solved?

Oh no, that easy the opponent won't give up:

Rage and concentration on the fight are unmistakable:

Now it comes …

… all or nothing:

And the winner routs…

… the opponent furiously and …

… is swimming away, not without showing the looser again threateningly his white hindquarter:

I definitely shall continue to watch the life of these Common Moorhen. This is fun!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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