Young Purple Heron preening his plumage

November 05 2014

Dear reader!

That the young Purple Heron would be at the river-mouth also the next day I wouldn't have expected in my wildest dreams. But there he was n the light of the morning sun!

"This morning I'll first .

train my wings, first the right one, and

then the left one!"

"And than I shall preen my exclusive plumage!"

"From early age I know, that also air must go under the wings!"

"Tee-hee do I see there a small fish? My hood is spreading in joy!"

"No, that was false alarm, what a pity!"

"Then I'll ventilate my plumage a little more and

shall stride in a self-important manner a little bit up and down!":

Terrific claws I inherited from my parents. With that you can scratch yourself so nicely!"

You just cannot imagine how much I enjoyed all this sceneriess. In the next report the young Purple Heron will show us his trys to catch a fish wading and without the help oft bread. Right infront of my nose!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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