April 08 2016

Dear reader!

In vain a group of Grey herons tried on this stormy afternoon to continue to migrate to the north:

The heavy northwind shook the trees at the bank such, that .

... their exhausted emergency landings took place on the water:

But again and again they tried to manage to continue their journey:


"Couldn't you Grey Herons forget it and just wait till the cyclone will be over?" the Greater flamingo seemed to ask indignantly:

The Stilts imagined themselves as big landowners, because they all successfully chased away, until...

... they met their master and were chased away by a Avocet pair: :

To top it all they also mated directly infront of the ....

... noses of the embarrassed Stilts, who found themselves with only a few square centimters of own land:

"We don't care"! And really the Avocets started to free a fitting peace of land from stones for their nest:

At least could the Redshanks for a short time rest in this disputed area!

The ring of the Spoonbill could read ADDB. I am still trying to clarify this.

"Guys we're starting!" the grown up Flamingo lady said and off they went!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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