Migration mood at La Janda

August 27 2016

Dear reader!

The strong eastwinds were blowing so heavily, that many birds didn't have another choice but to wait for better conditions for continuing the flight to Africa. At temperatures up to 35°C I must have been the only one who went on her way to that place! But I forgot all about heat and wind and was just happy with all the experienced.

At La Janda are speed limits for EVERYBODY!

The beautiful Honey buzzard actually wanted just to hide in the bushes, but

he did me the favor and

and showed himself in all his beauty!

"But THIS I won't do, under no circumstances! One photo is enough!" Mr. Booted eagle meant rather grumpy

From the White storks who were resting in the field I could make

many many photos!

This group was oviously just ready for a contest to choose the most beautiful red legs!

Suddenly appeared from north-west (obviously Extrermadura and Portugal) an unbelievable huge flock of Storks

These birds were that high that they didn't have to fight any winds and just were drifting in the thermal to Africa! Despite I had seen that so often already, I am again and again deeply moved!

"Humans, technology and birds world" that's how - maybe - that picture with White storks and Ibis could be called:

I hope you do enjoy the photos!

Best regards

Birgit Kremer

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